Fake ASIC Renewal Email

A new email has been going around stating that “Your business name registration is due for renewal by 29/07/2017. You must renew the registration to continue using this business name and avoid cancellation.”

The email is purporting to be from ASIC messenger service however there is a few giveaway lines that tells us this is a scam. Please be careful when opening emails. If an email ever asks you to open a zip file, don’t open it.

A few giveaway lines that are in the message that tell us this is a fake email:

  • The email is extremely informal and refers to “Dear Customer” rather than the person by name. It doesn’t actually give details of what name is being renewed.
  • It comes from the domain name asicdesk . com [altered] which is not where ASIC emails normally come from. We are told this domain name was recently registered to a Chinese entity.
  • The link to download the PDF version of the renewal notice does not take you to a PDF file. The link details are inconsistent with every other link in the email.
  • The email is signed off by a Cristy Golan, a name we have never come across on any other correspondence from ASIC. The other name that we have seen is from Myra Tango, again a name we have not come across before.

We are not sure what information the hackers are after, but we want to make sure you do not fall foul of these hackers.