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South East Accounting have been a fantastic help to my business. If we ever need assistance with anything Paul is always happy to help. Not only did he save us thousands in tax from his expertise with small business, but he helped us realise the power of the numbers by showing us things such as Debtor days, Gross Profit Margins, etc. We would recommend South East Accounting to any Small Business Owner who wants to improve their business

Brett – Australian Architectural Fitout Solutions

We recently purchased a franchise and Paul helped us with structuring, registrations and other tax advice. The turnaround for the company incorporation he arranged was so fast and he was so happy to help us out.

Alex and Shannon

We looked at purchasing a used truck & trailer for our business. Fortunately we spoke to South East Accounting before doing so and they advised us that if we purchased new equipment we would be eligible for the Small Business Investment Allowance. This gave us a tax saving of over $50,000 which we would never have received had we bought second hand equipment (which in effect made the brand new equipment cheaper than the used equipment). I am so glad we spoke to South East Accounting before making the purchase. They are the experts in accounting & tax for small business owners.


Paul has a great understanding of the claims that teachers can make. Not only did he get me a good tax refund, he also made me aware of a HELP reduction scheme that reduced my HELP debt by in excess of $3,200. Any teacher should see Paul to maximise their refund.