Overtime Meal Expenses

If you are paid an overtime meal allowance as part of your employment, and you purchase food and/or drink whilst on overtime, you may be entitled to claim a tax deduction for those meal expenses.  You are entitled to a tax deduction for the cost of these meals up to the reasonable allowance amount set by the ATO. Even if you do not have receipts for the overtime meal claim, you are still able to claim a deduction of up to $28.80 for the 2016 financial year. If you would only spend $15 on meals, then you will only be able to claim up to the $15 per meal.

For those who spend more than $28.80 on a meal, if you wish to claim the deduction, then you must keep written evidence of the amount spent. This would be in the form of a receipt for payment.

If you are paid a meal allowance then this is taxable in your own name, and would ordinarily be shown separately on your PAYG Payment Summary under the allowances section. If you have been paid an overtime meal allowance, but it is not showing separately on the PAYG Payment summary you will need a letter from your employer breaking down how much you were paid for the allowance.

Please be aware that if you do not receive a separate identifiable and reasonable meal allowance then you will not be able to claim for your meal expenses under this tax ruling.

Please contact the office on (03) 8768 8788 for more information about claiming an overtime meal allowance.